About Alex

As a storyteller for the evolution of consciousness, my purpose is to be here to co-create a reality where everyone feels safe, seen, loved, and a sense of belonging.

Born and raised in China, I started to play with a camera at 8 years old. At 14, I started to watch a lot of award-winning foreign films, it was a challenging time for me and films really gave me a lot of hope and inspiration. It expanded my consciousness. Since then my dream is to create movies that inspire others.

I moved to the US at 17, took my first media class at Mt. Lebanon high school in Pittsburgh. Then, I studied film production at Point Park University.

Working and learning with personal development coaches at Dale Carnegie Training was a life-changing experience for me. I felt a deep calling to continue to pursue in the film and video field, so I began my entrepreneurship journey.

One of my closest friends, Adam Martin, supported my entire journey since day one, from there I get to work with the founder of The Diet Doc, Dr. Joe Klemzeski, and entrepreneur Daniel Dipiazza. I met Dr. Brett Jones through Daniel, and in just one phone conversation, we decided to work together, so I moved from Pittsburgh, PA to Oakland, CA. One of the best decisions I have ever made.

Everything came into alignment: creating videos that inspire people.

We moved to Tucson together to and I am excited to continue to grow with the Source and to serve the Tucson community and beyond❤