About Dr. Danielle

As a chiropractor who has focused my work at the root of the female body for over a decade, my passion has been in the realm of female pelvic health. Early in my education, I noticed a major lack of quality care for female health within my profession. Shortly after completing my doctor of chiropractic degree, I took a deep dive into the female pelvic bowl by focusing my practice and continuing education on the gentlest and most honoring chiropractic techniques, pelvic floor myofascial release, pelvic bowl energy medicine, and the effects of trauma, and our culture, on the female body.

The primary focus of my practice includes non-invasive ways to help with pelvic musculoskeletal issues many have not considered a hands-on care for like stress incontinence, prolapse, preparing for and healing from pregnancy and birth, scar tissue healing, and enhanced fertility (both physical and creative fertility!). 

My depth of study and incorporation of natural healing and bodywork practices, energy medicine, and other esoteric feminine healing arts, has taught me a deep reverence for the female body and feminine energy system. It has taught me the art of deep listening.

We are too often told that we must simply live with issues such as incontinence, menstrual pain, low back pain, and other pelvic issues, which is simply not true! Your body is an incredible self-healing organism. Bodywork and self-care are key components in clearing interferences to its natural state of being and optimum expression. 

Before I became a chiropractor, I worked the in corporate energy field for a decade as a project manager, web designer, and data analyst. I am honored to integrate my corporate experience as office manager and to bring my feminine approach to bodywork as an adjunct to the world-class adjustments you receive at The Source.

You can learn more about my work, including my podcast, here.