About Dr. Evin

Dr. Evin is a 2nd generation Chiropractor, natural health facilitator, functional fitness fanatic, mountain biker, and a promoter of fully sending life! He is dedicated to serving the community and unlocking the potential that lies within every body. He is living proof that nervous system optimization is the key to a happy healthy life.

Evin spent the majority of his life as an athlete, playing soccer, judo, racing motocross, and snowboarding. He recovered from many traumatic injuries while participating in these sports with the help of his chiropractic super dad, Dr. Pete Pingalore.

After completing his bachelor of science in Massachusetts, he spent 5 years as a residential building contractor, where he learned firsthand the kind of wear and tear blue collar workers endure throughout their lives. During this time he was inspired to go back to school to be able to help these people live happier, healthier lives.

Evin graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic where he spent many mornings training and teaching the philosophy, art, and science of chiropractic as a facilitator for Kairos Training Culture.