About Dr. Jamal

An advocate for our healthcare professionals, Dr. Jamal’s focus is helping physicians and nurses internationally fill their cups by breaking unhealthy patterns and nervous system optimization. From live trainings shifting out of burnout to his podcast, Soul Coffee, to laying on his chiropractic table, his energy is a permission slip for you to both smile and allow more of you to be experienced authentically and vulnerably.

Dr. Jamal sees chiropractic as one of the most efficient and powerful technologies to help process stress + trauma. His approach is a blend of structural and tonal adjusting that takes the whole body and life experience into consideration. Extremities have been an area of study throughout his journey in school in particular as he believes they get often time get overlooked.

Dr. Jamal is also the lead Spanish speaking doctor in the office as he is bilingual. His mom is from Peru and dad from Easley, South Carolina making him a proud bi-racial human. Originally from East Hartford, CT he is a former D1 Track & Field conference champion individually and as a team at his undergrad, Central Connecticut State University. He understands the power of sweat equity and the demands of an athlete or a high performing life and is dedicated to optimizing the athletes that we all are in our own unique ways. Injury as an athlete and the loss of that identity is what first really put him on the chiropractic path to begin with and in that way, Dr. Früster believes chiropractic saved his life & potential.