About Dr. Kate

At The Source Chiropractic we believe in a world inter-connected and in mutual support of each other’s well-being. Dr. Kate's focus is working with families in Tucson and providing support, especially for mothers, as they enter into motherhood. Whether it is on the adjusting tables, in workshops at the practice, or through her online program and coaching, her charismatic and loving personality creates a space for people to feel seen, connected with, and supported.

Her dynamic approach to taking care of people includes tonal, structural and instrument adjusting while tuning in to the sacred geometry of the body. Dr. Kate truly believes that our body’s greatest gift is its ability to heal and be whole when given the right environment and opportunity to express that innate wisdom.

With playful energy, she is a natural fit for taking care of families and you can often find her hanging out with the kids in The Source play area, or helping pregnant moms prepare for birth and their transition into motherhood. Regular chiropractic care played such an amazing role in both her pregnancies, deliveries, and postpartum recoveries.

Utilizing her 25+ years of dance experience, acute awareness of the body, and her ability to connect with others, Dr. Kate creates a safe space for people to show up as their truest selves.