Dr. Noah Meier

As an explorer and student of the natural world, Dr. Noah's passion and focus is on how to live a healthy and optimal life naturally. He believes that health and vitality can be in an abundance and has the intention of facilitating the optimization of the human experience physically, emotionally, and energetically. 

His lasing purpose is to acknowledge the wisdom within each human being so they can act on their innate calling and step into their highest expression and being. 

Dr. Noah was born in Havelock, NC and raised in Atlanta, GA. During high school, got inspiration in natural forms of living in the form of herbalism, sustainable agriculture, and yogic philosophies. At 16-years-old he heard the calling to become a chiropractor and shifted his focus into making that image a reality. 

He enrolled at Life University in Marietta, GA graduating with Bachelor's in Biology, later completing his Doctorate in Chiropractic, and did an intensive internship in the Sports Health Science department providing care to the student athletes. During his time in chiropractic school he attended over 50 seminars and facilitated his schools' Kairos Training Culture (KTC) club teaching others to become masterful chiropractors as well.