What to Expect During Your New Patient Exam

The Source Chiropractic is a Connection-Based, Results-Driven office, we use functional measures to assess your current state and expect results. We are professionals at detecting and correcting Vertebral Subluxation.

The following consult and exam procedures are performed in order to aid the chiropractors in determining the scientific specifics of your condition.

Step 1: Consultation

This is an opportunity to discuss with your chiropractor exactly what brought you in, the outcomes you desire, and whether or not chiropractic care is the best fit for your goals.

Step 2: Digital Posture & Movement Analysis 

Using video technology we will assess your current posture, walking and squat movement patterns. This allows us to detect dysfunction within your pelvis, knees and feet, as well as see how much stress and strain is in the upper back and neck.

Step 3:  Neuro-Spinal Analysis

Just like a snowflake, every single spine and nerve system is 100% unique. The neuro-spinal exam is performed so that your chiropractor understands specifically how you and your spine move and/or don’t move.

Step 4:  X-Ray

After completion of the consultation, digital posture & movement analysis, and neuro-spinal analysis, the chiropractor will determine if further examination and pictures of your spine are necessary to provide you with state-of-the-art chiropractic care.

Step 5: Schedule Your Next Visit

Our office manager will then assist you in scheduling your next visit at a time that works best for you. During visit #2, what we call report of findings, you will receive a copy of your initial functional assessment results. The doctor will explain to you their analysis of the assessment and discuss what are the best steps moving forward to meet your health needs. You will be able to discuss which financial options best meet your needs. You will then receive your first specific chiropractic adjustment.


The Source Chiropractic prides itself in developing a plan that is unique to you. Based on all of our functional measures, we develop a Source Score to determine how to best get you and or your family the results you are looking for and what you can expect from The Source Chiropractic. This score allows us to start each individual on a care plan that is unique to them.